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Praise for
An Absolute Bloody Disaster

I am so in love with this book!! This was something I did not want to stop reading. I was so fast paced and action packed and really kept me on my toes! I love that it’s set in the real world and the cities it takes place in are all so vivid it felt like I was right along on the journey! Lindsay Clement definitely knows how to make you care about these characters. I am so attached to their personalities and relationships and all the perfectly imperfect things about them! I can’t wait for book two! If you love vampire books, this is a must read!


ARC Reader

I absolutely loved this book! The writing was so fast-paced and the story so un-put-down-able that I flew through it in like 3 days. It’s the kind of book that now that I’ve finished, I feel like I’ve lost something because I’m no longer living in this world with these characters. I want to immediately start from the beginning and read it all over again.

I now have a massive book hangover, and therefore need the next book, like, right now. Especially considering the ending!


ARC Reader

If you love vampires, you going to love this book. The plot is fast-paced, there's romance, a sassy and badass main character, tonnes of plot twists all along side a compelling narrative.

​I loved every moment of this book, the character-building, the relationships between said characters, the writing style was easy to read, and the ending will seriously question your ability to wait for the next book.


ARC Reader