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Just when Charlotte Novik thought things couldn’t get any worse, the universe had to go and prove her wrong.


The tide is coming in.

FALL 2023


The highly-anticipated sequel to An Absolute Bloody Disaster

Praise for An Absolute Bloody Disaster

Goodreads Reviewer

If you're a fan of vampires (if you're not, then who are you?! Great humor, bad-ass shenanigans, and twists that leave you wanting more, An Absolutely Bloody Disaster was made just for you. If the vampires don't win you over, the golden boy surely will.

Goodreads Reviewer

This is such a wonderfully written story with so much snark, family, romance (literally squealed out loud in a few spots), and plot twists. I stayed up way too late finishing this and there are zero regrets about missed sleep.

Goodreads Reviewer

"Immortality is kind to no one." Perhaps not, but it has provided us with a found family of vampires with enough trauma and bad decisions to fill decades of therapy sessions. All of which came together perfectly in An Absolutely Bloody Disaster.

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The face behind the name. Ever wondered what it's like inside an author's brain? Well, I can tell you that it's dark, nerdy, and full of secrets. You never really know what happens in there. I never really know what happens in there. But you could find out.

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