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Lindsay Clement is an American indie author who self-publishes books for all demographics in the fantasy and paranormal genres. She writes stories with memorable characters, witty banter, plot twists, and a healthy dose of romance. She formats all her own books, as well as doing custom formatting for other indie authors.

In 2020, like most people, she found herself with an abundance of spare time. While digging through her past creative endeavors, she saw the long-abandoned pages of a forgotten story and immediately saw its potential. Thus, An Absolute Bloody Disaster was born. Since then, she has dedicated much of her free time to writing, reading, and reviewing books on her bookstagram account.


Currently, she is working on the sequel to An Absolute Bloody Betrayal (and its third and final book), in addition to a few secret projects that remain hush-hush...for now. When she isn't writing, she is reading, decorating her house, crafting, going on walks, enjoying the Lake Michigan shoreline, and spending much-needed time with her family.

She is also a huge unapologetic nerd. Comic con? Broadway? TV shows? Anime? Sci-fi? Count her IN.

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